PTEN deficient tumours may therefore be amenable to treatment

CXCR4 expression was measured as a marker of MSCs ability to home in on damage and was found to be raised in response to MP presence. CaM were found to resume beating both after hypothermic storage, as well as at high (1000 g/Fe/mL SiMAG doses). ReN cells were found to be more sensitive to SiMAG with only 10 g/Fe/mL doses tolerated although successful neural differentiation was still possible.

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anabolic steroids PTEN is a tumour suppressor gene commonly mutated in high grade glioma. Tumours deficient in PTEN have been shown in some, but not all steriods, studies to have defective DNA double strand break repair. PTEN deficient tumours may therefore be amenable to treatment targeting with a DNA repair inhibitor, exploiting a strategy known as synthetic lethality. anabolic steroids

We highlight two current issues concerning ERS and consider the addition of sport based schemes in respect to these. First, we argue that ERS related public health policy and guidance is drawn from a limited evidence base steriods, and is consequently vague. While this leads to opportunities for local innovation, the subsequent design, implementation and evaluation of ERS is diverse.

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