Case Studies

Key components of success include:

  • Top Management Buy-In
    • Scope
    • Timeline
  • Employee Buy-In
    • Validity of the exercise
    • Their voices will be heard
    • Confidentiality
  • Communications
    • Open and two-way
    • Frequent

Some examples of successful projects completed include:

Case Study #1: Creating a Management Team

Case Study #2: Change Management

Case Study #3: Redefining a Corporate Structure

Case Study #4: Rebranding and Repositioning

Why aren’t we performing as expected?

Ask yourself the following questions – the answers may provide insight into the problems; Consult P3 helps provides solutions to these problems.

  • Is every employee working at his/her full potential?
  • Are people trained and qualified for the positions they hold?
  • Are our processes clearly defined and readily accessible?
  • Do we have a clearly defined strategic plan? Has it been articulated to employees?

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