Case Studies

The principals of Consult P3 have helped other companies – from a variety of industries – achieve their desired success and reach their desired potential by collaborating with them to clearly define their objectives, assessing them and then designing an implementation plan for success.

Key components of success include:

  • Top Management Buy-In
    • Scope
    • Timeline
  • Employee Buy-In
    • Validity of the exercise
    • Their voices will be heard
    • Confidentiality
  • Communications
    • Open and two-way
    • Frequent

Some examples of successful projects completed include:

Case Study #1: Creating a Management Team

Case Study #2: Change Management

Case Study #3: Redefining a Corporate Structure

Case Study #4: Rebranding and Repositioning

Why aren’t we performing as expected?

Ask yourself the following questions – the answers may provide insight into the problems; Consult P3 helps provides solutions to these problems.

  • Is every employee working at his/her full potential?
  • Are people trained and qualified for the positions they hold?
  • Are our processes clearly defined and readily accessible?
  • Do we have a clearly defined strategic plan? Has it been articulated to employees?

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