Case Studies

Case Study #2: Change Management


Andy designed and led the efforts of the wealth management division of a regional brokerage firm that wanted to reorganize from a product orientation to a consultative approach. The project entailed completely reorganizing the 60-person department. While not designed to reduce the size of the department per se, the Company was looking for cost savings as a by-product of the exercise.

Action Steps:

  • Andy worked closely with the Human Resources Department to outline the communication process to ensure that all employees were kept informed of the changes and the process being utilized.
  • New job descriptions were written for all positions in the “new

"I worked closely with Andy on this project as his liaison with Human Resources. He was always focused on implementing the desired changes in a manner consistent with minimizing disruptions to the employees and following company procedure. His communication skills were excellent, and his ability to work as a team player ensured the success of the project. While confident in his abilities, Andy never hesitated to call me to ask for advice in areas outside his expertise. To me, that is what makes a great consultant - someone who is confident enough to lead a project, but who also works well as a team player and is not afraid to ask for assistance when needed. I would recommend Andy unconditionally."

- Joe Van Thuyne, Principal Van Thuyne Consulting