Implementation: P3 University

Many consultants are great at telling you what is wrong, but as helpful when it comes to fixing the problems.  Our P3 University – which delivers solutions the way that you want them – sets us apart.

Utilizing Our Team of Experts – experienced leaders from a broad range of industries – we’ll develop a curriculum designed for your specific needs and delivered to your specifications.

Delivery options include your location, an off-site venue or online via webinars and/or Skype. Your tailored curriculum could include one-on-one coaching, group training, larger group presentations, webinars or a combination thereof.

A measurement system for managing expectations would also be identified; terms would include pricing per module, timeline for completion, budget and measureable results expected. An acceptance agreement would clearly spell-out the expectations of all parties.

P3 University's Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Business Protocol/Communications Skills
  • Branding/Public Relations
  • Business Writing
  • C-Level Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution/Reconciliation Protocols
  • Client Loyalty Programs
  • Crisis Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Health Programs for Corporations/Med-We-Care
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Leadership and Team Building
  • Merger Integration
  • Process Improvement/Lean Management/Six Sigma
  • Sales and Management Training
  • Strategic and Succession Training
  • Staff Development