Crisis Management

Crisis Management

When, Not If: Crisis Prevention, Preparation And Response

Crisis can take many forms. What happens if your CEO died in a plane crash? A tornado destroys your production facility? A trusted employee embezzles money? Our Crisis Management – Facing the Vortex team shows you and your leadership how to anticipate, prepare for and respond quickly and appropriately to any emergency, including how to control the media.

  • Succession planning
  • Leadership preparation
  • Forming a crisis response team
  • Practice and role-playing drills
  • Controlling your message
  • Policies and procedures
  • Using social media

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Faculty Focus:

Eileen Dowse, founder of Human Dynamics, is an innovative, results-oriented human resources leader with extensive experience in organizational development, executive coaching, human relations and facilitation.  Human Dynamics provides coaching and counseling to executives and leaders from a variety of industries in the areas of performance, productivity, career transition and workplace dynamics. Industries served include high […]