Health Services – Med-We-CareSM

Health Services – Med-We-CareSM

Under the current health care reform law, annual Medicare incentive payments will be tied to audit results that include patient satisfaction surveys beginning in October 2012.

At stake for acute care hospitals is the loss of millions of dollars that could be easily prevented with Consult P3s Med-We-CareSM – patient loyalty beyond satisfaction training.

Med-We-CareSM addresses all areas and personnel that impact patient perceptions including:

  • Communications
  • Protocol and Courtesy
  • Cultural/Generational/Gender Diversity
  • Operations and Systems
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Risk and Crisis Management

Our  lean management philosophy focuses on improving performance. Med-We-CareSM enables acute care hospitals to meet and exceed Medicare incentive payment requirements.

Regardless of regulatory changes that come and go with new administrations, Med-We-CareSM will help your facility provide better patient services – a result based on lean performance and efficiency, but also in humanity.

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Eileen Dowse, founder of Human Dynamics, is an innovative, results-oriented human resources leader with extensive experience in organizational development, executive coaching, human relations and facilitation.¬† Human Dynamics provides coaching and counseling to executives and leaders from a variety of industries in the areas of performance, productivity, career transition and workplace dynamics. Industries served include high […]