Leadership: Think, Look And Act Like A Leader

Executive presence isn’t just for the board room. C-level executives, managers, team leaders and entry-level staff all perform better when they have confidence.

Learning how to improve their images, communication skills and decision-making helps your rising executives and team leaders represent themselves and your company more favorably.

  • Appearance
  • First impressions
  • Motivation
  • Attitude and behavior
  • Communication skills
  • Building trust
  • Taking responsibility
  • Making tough decisions
  • Handling promotions
  • Work-life balance
  • Leading by example

Faculty Focus:

Eileen Dowse, founder of Human Dynamics, is an innovative, results-oriented human resources leader with extensive experience in organizational development, executive coaching, human relations and facilitation.  Human Dynamics provides coaching and counseling to executives and leaders from a variety of industries in the areas of performance, productivity, career transition and workplace dynamics. Industries served include high […]