THE 3 Ps

People Solutions: Leadership, Management, Mentoring, Coaching and Training

As you assess your organization, you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have we identified our expectation of each position?
  • Do we have the right balance of leadership vs. management?
  • Is every employee working at their highest and best use?
  • Are people trained and qualified for the positions they hold?
  • Do we possess the knowledge required to make an assessment?

The answers to these questions are vital to the growth of your business. ConsultP3 can help identify the gaps between wishful thinking and reality. P3 University’s experienced faculty offers a full range of executive consulting, coaching and training courses to help match your staff with your organization’s goals on every level.

Planning Solutions: Beyond Strategic Planning

ConsultP3 will analyze your strategic plan and offer suggestions on how to successfully implement your plans and help turn goals into reality. We may also suggest better ways of becoming more efficient, effective and productive at all levels of your firm. We’ll help you match your strategic plan with the mission and desired goals of your business. We can also help establish a monitoring protocol that will allow for logical adjustments to be made as circumstances dictate over time.

Process Solutions: Change Management and Process Improvement

With planning and people in place, it is imperative that your processes are designed to ensure that your business runs as productively as possible. Through P3University, we have partnered with a diverse group of experts who can help you improve your daily operations and achieve your desired return on investment. We will guide you through an necessary structural change so that the interests of your organization are met in a way that is consistent and long lasting.

Why aren’t we performing as expected?

Ask yourself the following questions – the answers may provide insight into the problems; Consult P3 helps provides solutions to these problems.

  • Is every employee working at his/her full potential?
  • Are people trained and qualified for the positions they hold?
  • Are our processes clearly defined and readily accessible?
  • Do we have a clearly defined strategic plan? Has it been articulated to employees?

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