What We Do

Consult P3 helps companies align their people, processes and planning with their corporate goals, helping turn potential into action into profits.

We’re problem solvers. We understand that not all companies are looking for someone to tell them what is impeding their corporate performance; often times they already know. Companies aren’t looking to merely “change” – they’re looking to improve.

They also want help in making the desired performance improvements; they don’t want a consultant who can’t help them see the process through to completion. Implementation, what really counts, is our core competency.

To help clients, we utilize a proprietary consulting methodology, which includes:

Process Improvement


Consult P3 leverages the more than 60 years of experience of our principals to deliver actionable and proven solutions that are customized to the individual needs of each client.

Consult P3 Solutions

People Solutions

  • Leadership Development
  • Staff  Development

Planning Solutions
Process Solutions
Public Speaking
Marketing + Sales Training